Chicago Leveling Floor Repair

Over time, it is natural for hardwood floors to require repairs and adjustments. At Chicago Flooring Pros, we offer a variety of wood floor finishing and repair services, and we will gladly help you with any aspect of your floor repairs and refinishing. One common reason why customers contact us is because they are tired of squeaky floors. Additionally, people also need help with floor leveling, because they do not like the uneven surface that has developed on the floor boards. Whether you need assistance with leveling, squeak repair, or anything else, we invite you to contact us to learn more about how our experienced team can help!

Wood Floor Squeak Repair

Have you noticed that your wood floors are squeaky and noisy when you walk across the room? It can be frustrating to have the floors be so squeaky, especially because the noise can echo throughout the rest of the home. These noises are definitely noticeable if you have multiple floors in your home, because you will be able to hear people walking on the floor above. There is no reason for you to suffer from the discomfort of noisy floors, because it is possible to tighten down the floorboards and make the space much quieter. Even if your wood floors were installed in the right way, it is normal for them to start squeaking over time, especially in older homes. But, the problem can be easily fixed when you talk with a wood floor professional.

Leveling Wood Floors

Do you need leveling for your wood floors? There are various reasons why leveling might be beneficial, and we can help you achieve the smooth, level surface that you desire. Sometimes, the uneven surfaces might gradually develop over time, and other times there might be a flood or some type of damage that causes the floor to be uneven. In any circumstance, it is a good idea to talk with us at Chicago Flooring Pros, and we can help you assess the situation and determine the best way to fix your floors. We have extensive experience and the right tools that are needed to make your floors look great! We can smooth out your floors so that there is an even surface, allowing you to improve the appearance and function of your wood floors without going through the cost and stress of replacing the floors all together.

Do You Need Leveling and Squeak Repair?

If you are tired of the noise, then it is best to take care of the squeaking problems right away. We encourage you to fix the squeaking as soon as possible, so that you can enjoy the quieter floors right away. Another reason that you might consider leveling and squeak repair is because you are looking at the option to sell your home. Potential home buyers will notice if they walk into your home to find uneven floors. They will also notice the squeaky floors as they are walking around, which could cause a poor impression of your home. You want to be sure that you are setting the right impression for every person who walks through the door, so it is important that you have these problems fixed before you sell your home.

The Best Flooring Contractor in Chicago

If you need any type of wood floor repair, then you should make sure that you are working with a contractor that you can trust. At Chicago Floor Pros, we are experienced with many aspects of hardwood floor installation and repairs, and we can help with any type of project that you need assistance with. We invite you to call our office any time if you have any questions about your floors. When you talk with our experienced team at Chicago Flooring Pros, you will see that customer service is our top priority. We have worked hard to develop a strong reputation in the Chicago area, and we have many happy customers who have benefitted from the services that we offer. We want to be sure that you are satisfied with your floors after we are done, and we will work hard to ensure that the floors turn out exactly as you had envisioned. Call Chicago Floor Pros to learn more about wood floor leveling and squeak repair, as well as the other flooring services that we offer: (312) 778-2073